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glass mounting hardware producing processes

Die casting

1Die Cast

glass mounting hardware casting

Shell processing

2 shell processing

glass hardware surface treatment

Parts processing

3 parts processing

glass hardware accessories made

Installation, inspection

4 installation, inspection

glass mounting hardware install inspection

Polishing, cleaning

5 polishing, cleaning

glass mounting hardware polish


6 detection

glass mounting hardware

Packaging, shipping

7 packaging, shipping

glass mounting hardware packing and shipping

How YT Control Glass Mounting Hardware Quality

glass mounting hardware raw material1

Raw material inspection

  • Raw Material Supplies Approved
  • Sensory Inspection
  • Physical Inspection
  • Sample Inspection
glass mounting hardware2

Production Process & Interprocess Acceptance

glass mounting hardware3

Finished product inspection

  • Interprocess acceptance
  • sample inspection by quality control department
glass mounting hardware4

Seller's check and acceptance

  • Purchase acceptance
  • Inspection of production process
  • Pre-sale inspection

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